Redtouch Fone Traffic Management Policy

Traffic Management in the internet world means exactly what it sounds like, making sure that user flow is a relatively positive experience and users ‘get to their destination’ as efficiently as possible.
It is reasonable to understand that not all internet users are created equally and inevitable that some users use the internet heavily, sometimes to the detriment of ‘regular’ users. Also there can be instances when data usage increases significantly at the same time causing ‘traffic congestion’ to the detriment of the overall positive experience of the general user.
That’s where Traffic Management comes into play. Effectively using a range of technical practices to manage data usage at specific times and in specific circumstances.

Redtouch Fone is committed to providing unrestricted access to the Internet while honoring and offering the best internet experience as promised and agreed to all its subscribed customers.

Redtouch Fone offers only data services to its mobile subscribers, and we do not in principle or in practice implement any traffic management. However, it is pertinent to note that in order to guarantee network integrity, and your access to all points of the internet even during peak hours when the traffic is particularly high, Redtouch Fone, reserves the right to introduce temporary and non-discriminatory traffic management measures to all its network users. We also reserve the right to slow down certain types of traffic.

Our current mobile services are being provided over a 3G/4G network, and therefore there may be certain limitations and factors that may result in a varying download/upload speed. The factors that affect such speeds include but are not limited to:

  • a. Distance from the base station;
  • b. The technology supported on the network;
  • c. Load on the base station providing your chosen service, and therefore the radio signal quality, which is also effected by interference from third party equipment and lack of coverage;
  • d. Radio coverage at the customer’s premises;
  • e. Number and type of appliances utilising the customer’s connection;
  • f. Network load at the time of access to the service, affected by the amount of end-users making use of the network within a specific geographical location.

Despite Redtouch Fone’s best efforts, no one is better placed than yourself to protect your device from Malware when using the internet. Peer-to-peer downloading &/or video or audio streaming is usually the root cause of infecting your device and Redtouch Fone cannot be held responsible for any such eventuality.

Traffic Management measures would still ensure your privacy rights. Redtouch Fone guarantees that your privacy is being strictly maintained.

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