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Is it true that I can call other Rredtouch fone subscribers for free?

Yes, with every €10 top up or more, you will benefit from 500 minutes of FREE Talk time to all Redtouch fone subscribers for a period of 30 days.

What are the rates for SMS?

Any SMS sent between the Redtouch family will cost 4c, whilst SMS’s sent to other networks will cost 5c per message.

Lost/Blocked Sim Card:

In such cases it is important to contact our Customer Care on 25682151 immediately.

After the routine security checks from our Customer Care representatives, your connection will be blocked from any incoming or outgoing calls and messages.

If you recover your phone, you will need to contact Customer Care to unlock your SIM card.

If you do not recover your phone you can visit our Outlet to make a Sim Swap where one can keep the same mobile number with the same amount of credit prior to the blocking of the Sim Card for a small fee.

How can I check my Credit balance?

To check your balance you can either call 125 and follow the voice prompt, or simply dial *126# and press the Call button and you will in turn receive a message with the credit balance and expiry date.

Both services are free of charge to our customers.

Is it possible to send multiple SMS’s at the same time?

Of course. Redtouch fone is offering you the service of Bulk SMS for all those who wish to send messages to a large number of persons simultaneously.

The more SMS’s sent, the cheaper the rates you will be charged. Contact us on 2568 2151 for assistance on how to activate this service.

What are the GPRS Settings to be able to use the Data on Redtouch fone?

To change the setup so that you can benefit from the Data Plans of Redtouch fone, you need to enter your Internet Settings and check that your settings are saved just as shown below

Name redtouchinternet

APN internet.redtouch.eu
Username <Blank>
Password <Blank>

What is the SMS Top up function, and how does it work?

In order to activate the SMS Top Up one has to first register through our Selfcare website www.myredtouch.com.mt. After completing the registration and following the easy steps to activate the SMS Top Up service, whenever you wish to top up, you can send a text message to 125 containing the following: TOPUP(space)E<Value>(space)<CODE>

The value can vary from: €5, 10, €20, €30.

The code indicated above is the one which you will receive once you complete the registration for the SMS Top Up function.

Is it easy to top up? How is it done?

To top up your mobile phone is very simple. All one has to do is to either:

  1. Scratch off the panel to reveal your e-PIN number and type in *125*ePIN# and press the Call button (i.e. *125* 1234567890#) Once the the top up is successful, you will receive a confirmation message.

  2. Scratch off the panel to reveal your e-PIN number, Call 125 and follow the instructions carefully.

Is it possible to top-up from abroad ? If yes, will I be charged for doing so?

Yes, you can top-up from everywhere by dialing the following code *125*ePIN# or by dialing 125 and following the voice prompts. Both services are free of charge.

How can one check voice messages from abroad and are there any charges?

From abroad one can check if there are any voice messages by calling 121 and following the normal voice prompts as per usual procedure. There are no charges in Zone 1, however other zones will be charged as a normal roaming call rate.

How to contact us?

If you require any assistance, please do contact our Customer Care on 2568 2151 during office hours. Or send us an email on customercare@redtouch.com.mt

Customer Care 2568 2151