Voice Mail

Voicemail is a centralised system of stored telephone messages that can be retrieved at a later stage.

Voicemail can be reached by dialling 121 (free of charge) from your RTF mobile number or +35698110121 from any other network.¬†Once connected, you are prompted to dial the security code, which by default is 9999. You can use the Modify menu on your Voicemail to change this code to any 4-digit number that doesn’t match the last four digits of your mobile number. Once activated, you will receive a call every time you have a new voicemail. Redtouch fone also offers an additional service, where an icon at the top right-hand side of your mobile (depending on the mobile model) appears when you have an unread voice message. You can receive no more than 30¬†‘two-minute’ messages at any time. Voicemail keeps new messages for 20 days and old ones for 10 days.

This service is not offered for free while roaming.
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